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MetaPoint and SharePoint 2010 – A Powerful Combination

Microsoft has made major improvements to the Enterprise Content Management capabilities of SharePoint with their new SharePoint 2010 release. SharePoint 2010 supports the management of content throughout its lifecycle and includes significant upgrades to workflow, metadata management, records management and archiving.

MetaPoint extends the capabilities of SharePoint 2010 by automating the application of metadata at the desktop. MetaPoint ensures that content is tagged and classified consistently so that enterprises can fully leverage the functionality and power of SharePoint 2010 to manage content throughout its lifecycle.

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MetaPoint Product Briefing

MetaPoint makes it easy for users by automatically tagging and classifying documents at the point of creation. When documents are properly tagged and stored, users can more efficiently find and manage content across a large number of SharePoint farms and site collections. This product briefing document provides Business Value and ROI analysis for MetaPoint as well as detailed product descriptions.

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Migrating Content to SharePoint – Five Steps to Achieving Effective Governance for Complex Projects

This paper describes five steps to achieving and maintaining effective governance of complex SharePoint projects. Through Vamosa’s unique approach, you’ll discover how you can help your whole business achieve true Enterprise Content Governance, for enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, lower costs and better compliance.

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A Powerful, Flexible Solution to Optimize SharePoint 2007

SchemaLogic Enterprise Suite for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 (SES) resolves SharePoint issues by providing a framework that enables companies to model and connect the structures and relationships of the metadata across the entire SharePoint environment. SES continuously updates and synchronizes metadata across SharePoint site collections, Web applications and farms by leveraging and extending SharePoint’s native capabilities.

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Energy Leader Implements Global Information Management

Chevron has selected SchemaLogic as the only enterprise-scalable software for management and collaboration of its corporate File Plan, intergration of their managed File Plan within Microsoft Sharepoint, and synchronization of the evolving corporate taxonomy across the entire Sharepoint environment.

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How to Improve Competitive Advantage

Learn how forward-thinking enterprises are finding new ways to increase competitive advantage by better leveraging their information, enabling faster response to new opportunities.

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Metadata Management Reduces Total Installed Cost for Capital Projects

SchemaLogic’s enterprise solution for managing content and document metadata enables Oil & Gas companies to model, update and synchronize content across project document repositories or collections for greater reliability and reduced total installed cost.

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Business Semantics Management: Information-enabling
Enterprise Search Drives Competitive Advantage – KM World, May 2007

Today’s rapid-paced business environment is forcing companies to find new ways to compete and respond to an increasingly dynamic marketplace. Organizations need a common, enterprise-wide language, or semantic standard, that is flexible, can respond in real time and can enable all users of corporate information to easily classify or tag data quickly and consistently.

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Leverage Taxonomies for Enterprise Search – February 2007

A guide to tapping the power of taxonomies for integrated search solutions using IBM OmniFind, IBM Classification Module, and SchemaLogic.

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Business Semantics Management – KM World, March 2006

For Global 5000 enterprises, the ability to optimize information management for competitive advantage will drive growth in market share while increasing margins trough greater business process efficiencies. Business Semantics Management enables greater findability for key assets across the hundreds of content and data silos that exist in the typical global enterprise of today.

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Semantics Management is Gaining Steam
– Delphi Group Report, March 2006

Embracing business semantics as a full-fledged Meta-Layer “building block” within your Information Architecture (IA) allows strategic leverage, collaboration and participation in the evolution of the semantics of an organization, via all participants.

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The Business Benefits of Taxonomy

Review the reasons why taxonomy is becoming a popular way of dealing with information retrieval issues. Find out how other organizations have made the case for developing a taxonomy and what benefits they expect to reap. Assess approaches and technologies that will potentially help to minimize investment and increase revenue.

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